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DIVE is a fun, social, video-messaging app to share cool and interesting moments with your friends and get back immediate awesome responses from them, saved-together into unique and memorable videos. Why wait for a response when it’s so easy to DIVE?- REAL TIME ON YOUR OWN TIME: Once your friend starts viewing your message they only have ONE SHOT to record their response. It’s awesome and hilarious!
- SEND MESSAGES AND GET UNREHEARSED ANSWERS: DIVE stitches your questions and answers together as if the conversation happened in real time!
- RECORD VIDEO, PHOTO, OR TEXT MESSAGES: Max. 15 seconds long and your Buddies have up to 15 seconds to respond.
- SINGLE VIDEO FILE THAT YOU CAN BOTH SHARE: On your YouTube Channel, Facebook, Instagram, or you can save the video to your Camera Roll to share your memories privately or upload to other favorite platforms!
- LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS: Great app to stay in touch and keep the love and trust flowing.
- CREATE MEMORIES THAT LAST FOREVER: Watch your DIVEs again and again to reconnect with the people in your life that mean the most.
- EXPORTABLE VIDEO CONTENT: GREAT PRO TOOL for creating content for blogs, v-logs, marketing campaigns, interviews, reviews, screening, customer feedback, community involvement, video profiles, comedy, etc.
Download and DIVE in now!